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What Our Clients Are Saying

Shell Sarnia is a manufacturing centre in Ontario, Canada

Shell Sarnia

“The Refinery decided to test clean four Compabloc units using the new process proposed by Tech Sonic. With the clean Compablocs back in operation, the refinery client captured the throughput and heat transfer data rates to reveal an annual (bpd) recovery of US$4.27M.

Shell Scotford is an oilgas upgrader

Shell Scotford

“We experienced excellent results with cleaning components for offsite repair/overhaul. 3rd party companies have never seen valves as clean as the ones coming from Scotford. Stainless steel bundles were cleaned better than expected and typically achieved IRIS quality. Bundles with other material composition were generally cleaned to Eddy Current quality. To achieve IRIS spec for these non-stainless items, some were rinsed with a 20Kpsi & rotary lance.”

Shell Moerdijk is a petrochemical plant in the Netherland

Shell Moerdijk

“Tech Sonic Cleaning Systems are twice as fast at half the cost of traditional hydroblasting. We achieve thorough, complete cleaning that is non-destructive compared to conventional applications.”

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies

Shell Global

“This is a game changing technology in cleaning effectiveness. Exchanger bundles simply come out cleaner than when addressed with conventional technology. There is a better performance of the bundles on start-up, and these results are achieved in less cleaning time per bundle. This will allow us to be more aggressive in our turnaround schedules in the future. We typically see 70-80% recovery of performance with HP water jetting (caused by residual fouling on the shell side of the bundle). Now we see up to 100% of design heat transfer performance after start-up using the Tech Sonic applications. ”

Suncor Energy is a Canadian integrated energy company based in Calgary, Alberta

Suncor Energy

“For every dollar we spend with Tech Sonic, we save four dollars in operational and cost efficiencies. We used to have to throw out most of the components as they could not be put back into production. Our capital costs have reduced dramatically. ”

CF Industries is a global leader in nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing and distribution

CF Industries

“We achieved a 27% increase in production of Ammonia after Tech Sonic cleaned our C-109 process train heat exchangers.

Cenovus Energy is an integrated Canadian oil company in Calgary

Cenovus Energy

“Our flow rates improved from 160 to 260 meters cubed per hour after using Tech Sonic’s innovative cleaning technologies. Truly amazing.”

Nucor Corporation is an American producer of steel and related products


“The heat exchanger that we cleaned Friday is operating very well. Overall heat transfer efficiency increased 50%.”

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