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Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning XIII
- 2019

June 2-7, 2019, Warsaw, Poland

Tech Sonic has presented two papers at the conference.

The first entitled “TAKING SAFETY TO THE MAX : ELIMINATING HYDROBLASTING RISK THROUGH INNOVATIVE DESIGN, AUTOMATION AND PROCESS” details the consideration made in the new Clean As New offsite cleaning facility which has been opened in Baytown Texas, and is the first facility in the world built around the optimization of Tech Sonic technology for the cleaning of heart exchangers.

Through design, process and automation, Clean As New is able to deliver revolutionary cleaning results while eliminating the risks associated with traditional hydroblasting methods.

The second paper entitled “UNDERSTANDING THE VALUE OF CLEANING - GAINS FROM THE USE OF ULTRASONIC CLEANING OF LARGE INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT” is a joint publication with Braskem and details Braskem’s experience in adopting Tech Sonic Cleaning at one of their sites, the benefits seen from the technology, and the ultimate justification to purchase a second system.

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Tech Sonic is the world leader in the development of ultrasonic cleaning technologies for heat exchangers and process components used in the refinery and petrochemical industries. Our unique, patented approach increases profits for our clients by providing results that are Cleaner, Faster, Safer and Greener.

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